partners with professional distributors in the high-value crop protection to develop and market unique and high-efficiency organic, chemical and bio-solution solutions.

We develop unique quality mixtures that hit value drivers and develop "chemical-light" solutions, for high-value corporate and cooperative farming.

We implement global strategic 'sourcing and supply' activities for chemical input companies.

John BARNES, founder, explains: "To feed the exponentially growing number of mouths on our planet with quality food, without extending our carbon footprint or ploughing up more hectares of natural habitat, is our challenge as an industry.

We have to grow more food off the same land area and increase productivity of our small holder farmers in Africa.

We at Bancella are proud to have been able to start up our company at this exciting and challenging time for Agriculture".

Bancella Ltd has been founded in 2016 and is based in Black River, Mauritius.


Pongola Kurt speaks of his use of ProAct & Myconate on Sugarcane

"Two products that he says has earned themselves permanent places in his planting regime are ProAct and Myconate."


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